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This Guy Trolls Women On Tinder By Sending Them "Game Of Thrones" Spoilers

Definitely a great way to pick up quality ladies. Heavy spoilers, obviously (though some are fake).

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New York comedian Bread Foster had been on ten awful Tinder dates, and he was bored of the dating social network. So he decided to spice up Tinder by sending his matches spoilers (both real and fake) from Game Of Thrones.

"I realized there is an unspoiled market of screwing with people on that site," he told BuzzFeed.

Foster, a fan of the show and books, said that author George R. R. Martin is a "notorious troll himself."

"He wrote the books trying to make a series that could never be produced and now he watches them try to do it," he explained. "I read George was upset with the writing world and I was upset with the Tinder world so I trolled everyone."


But not every woman lets the 27-year-old troll get away with it.

Though why they didn't block him after the spoiler-negging is anyone's guess.


Foster said his favorite response was when a woman told him he was "worse than a Lannister."

"There is one girl who's forgiven me and she's crazy hot," he said. "I won't meet her, though, because I know how revenge works in GOT and I don't feel like having her stab me."

The spoilers aren't restricted to Tinder, either. A woman who Foster went on a date with gets a barrage of spoilery texts.