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Will Smith And Jimmy Fallon Re-Made A Hip-Hop Classic On An iPad App

The Fresh Prince has still got it.

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Will Smith stopped by The Tonight Show last night and, using an iPad app, teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to create an awesome rendition of "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.

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"We have a lot in common," Fallon said. "We both love music. We like rap music. You're a famous rapper. I'm a classically trained beatboxer."


Using an app called Loopy, which layers sounds for backing tracks, the two started beatboxing all of the parts.

Which lead to them awesomely freestyling the lyrics to "It Takes Two" with their own verses.


They then took their song to the stage, where The Roots joined the performance and the crowd jumped to their feet.

The timing of Smith's visit was perfect, as just a few days ago, Fallon re-created the Fresh Prince theme song to much fanfare.