Reddit Hilariously Photoshopped This Girl Freaking Out Over A Pigeon Into Classic Paintings

Reddit Photoshop masters are at it again.

1. Reddit user gingersyndrome started a Photoshop battle recently inspired by this pretty amazing picture of a girl freaking out over a pigeon.

gingersyndrome / Via

3. Reddit has definitely accepted the challenge and started combining the picture into classic works of art, with hilarious results.

4. “Mona Lisa”

MySubtleKnife / Via

5. Banksy’s “Girl With A Balloon”

osrule86 / Via

6. “Girl with a Pearl…Pigeon”

tychonaut / Via

7. “The Birth of Venus”

MySubtleKnife / Via

8. “Guernica”

9. “Portrait of George Washington”

MySubtleKnife / Via

10. Frida Kahlo’s “Self-Portrait with Bonito”

osrule86 / Via

11. “The Last Supper”

MySubtleKnife / Via

12. “American Gothic”

tacothecat / Via

13. “The Scream”

osrule86 / Via

14. Warhol

osrule86 / Via

15. Ecce Homo, aka Fresco Jesus.

tacothecat / Via

16. And, of course, “The Kramer”

osrule86 / Via

h/t Mashable

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