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This Man Got Stupidly Hot After He Spent A Year Growing A Beard

Take notes, gentlemen.

This was once the face of Jeffrey Buoncristiano. He was working odd jobs while living in Cape Cod, Mass. His face was shamefully bare.

Then, Buoncristiano moved to Brooklyn and went through a breakup. He gave his razor a respite. After seeing a hipster with a terrible, scraggly beard, he had a beard epiphany. A beardpiphany, if you will.

It didn't take long for his life to change. A couple of months into his newfound beard-dom, this picture made it to the front page of Reddit. "You look like a mix of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ben Affleck," one commenter said.

Where before, he was just a lost, beardless soul, suddenly Buoncristiano's life had a hairy purpose.

He would bring his beard to the people!

Rain or shine.

Indoors or out: The beard is there for you.

Oh, did I hear a voice wondering if he has a brother? FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK.

Plus, the ladies love it.

"I grew into a man with the beard," Buoncristiano admitted.

Today's lesson? Do yourself a favor and get a beard.