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The Internet Has Fallen In Love With A Hunky Cop Who Rescues Cats


Baltimore police officer Jon Boyer's sudden fame started with a single picture of him on Facebook, cuddling a kitten he had rescued and, later, adopted.

Commenters couldn't help but notice that the officer was, well, freakin adorable.

The photo was originally posted on the Facebook page of the BARCS animal shelter, the largest that takes open admissions in Baltimore.

"[BARCS] posted it on their page and it got thousands of likes and I got hundreds of marriage requests and a bunch of inappropriate comments," Boyer told cat blog I Have Cat.

Boyer was also included in the anti-animal abuse campaign, "Show Your Soft Side," which features "acknowledged hard men" being kind to animals.

Facebook: ShowYourSoftSide

"Seems he’s constantly coming in with animals he’s rescued from abandoned buildings or the streets," campaign creator Sande Riesett told The Huffington Post. "All the ladies there go gaga."

Boyer even has his own fan page, I Love Jon Boyer, with more than 1,600 likes.

On the page, he shares adoption notices for animals in the area.

Boyer has a been a cop for about three and a half years, and though rescuing is not in his job description, he said most of his squad does it.

Facebook: I-love-Jon-Boyer

"I work in a rough neighborhood where they have no problem killing a human," he said. "Why would they have [a] problem killing an animal?"

The 26-year-old, who has been named one of the Sexiest Cat Guys of 2013, has even become a local celebrity, frequently making appearances at animal adoption events.

Facebook: I-love-Jon-Boyer

"It's kind of weird to me," he said. "I don't really like the attention. But if it helps the animals..."

Basically, the easy-on-the-eyes officer is in pretty high demand.

Though he had accumulated six of his own cats, Boyer lost three in a recent breakup. So you know what that means...

Outtakes from "Show Your Soft Side."

He's single and ready to mingle!

And just in case cats aren't your thing...