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    This Guy Has Four Limbs Less Than Most People, But It Doesn't Stop Him From Being Totally Badass

    Chris Koch won't let anything hold him back.

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    This is Chris Koch, a 35-year-old farmer and rancher in Alberta, Canada. He's pretty amazing.

    See, Koch was born without any arms or legs. But he never lets that stop him from being totally awesome.

    "When I tell people I'm a farmer, I'm pretty sure people are like, 'Yeah, right,'" he said.

    Koch was raised in the town's small farming community, but he said he was never treated like he had a disability, and it helped make him independent.

    There are plenty of things that Chris can't do. "I cannot swim to save my life. You drop a bowling ball and me at the same time and I will beat the bowling ball to the bottom, nine times out of …. Nine," he said.

    But for the most part, nothing holds him back.

    I mean, he can golf, ski, snowboard, and play the piano. And do this.

    Plus, he's got an awesome sense of humor.

    Koch hopes to inspire others to live their life to their greatest potential, like he has.