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Dads Failing At Riding Hoverboards Ruined Christmas For Everyone

Stay away from the hoverboards, dad, and no one gets hurt (mostly you).

2015 will go down in history as the unfortunate year that dads discovered hoverboards.

My dad got a hoverboard for Christmas

But dads, being dads, couldn't quite handle the newfangled contraption.

When your dad tries to hover board...

And social media has turned into a sounding board for embarrassed children everywhere.

My dad sprained his arm riding the hover board this morning... Merry Christmas!!!😂❤️

As dad after dad ate it hard while trying to ride their kid's hoverboard.

So my brother got a hoverboard... My dad tried to ride it and it ended up with this.... #merrychristmas

It's the Great Hoverboard Dad Epidemic of 2015.

What has the world become?

my mom got my dad a hoverboard and my dad got my mom another nerf gun and I've never seen two adults so happy on christmas morning

I walk downstairs to see my mom and dad riding a hover board

ERs across the nation are filled with our poor, uncoordinated fathers.

Dad snapped and broke his wrist falling off the swagway hover board my little siblings got from Santa #MerryChristmasFromTheER

dad almost cracked his skull trying to ride that hover board 💀

When your dad falls off your cousins Hoverboard and gets knocked out and has to have an ambulance called :') merry xmas ❤️

Will any dad live to tell another dad joke?

It may make for a good laugh...


It may be the best thing that happens to you all of Christmas Day...

highlight of my morning: dad tried to hoverboard and ended up face first on the floor i am crying so hard rn

But for the love of Santa, keep your dads away from hoverboards this holiday season.

If y'all aren't having the best Christmas yet, here's a video of my dad on my brothers new hoverboard 😊😊😂😂💀💀