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    The Creepy New Paddington Bear Has Inspired A Meme Of Him Starring In Classic Horror Movies

    BRB, trying to pick up the broken pieces of my childhood.

    Last week, the first image for the new Paddington film was released. And quite a few people noticed that the usually lovable bear...kind of looks like a serial killer.

    Thus, a new Tumblr was born: Creepy Paddington, which imagines if classic horror movies starred the eerily ogling bear.

    The photoshops are pretty impressive (and grotesque).

    Here are a bunch more:

    Silence of the Paddingtons

    The Ring

    Alien Paddington

    Night Of The Living Paddington

    Game of Paddingtons

    Seven (Bears)

    The Shining of Paddington


    Psycho Paddington


    h/t Uproxx