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    Taylor Swift Has Been Writing Incredible Comments On Her Fan's Instagram Pictures

    You and Taylor, BFFs 4ever.

    Human manifestation of a sunbeam Taylor Swift has found time to leave some amazingly thoughtful and inspiring comments on her fan's Instagram pictures.

    While celebs like Justin Bieber often follow their fans back or even favorite their tweets, Swift — the highest paid musician of the last year — has taken it a step further by writing directly to fans about their experiences.

    She's more supportive than, like, your own mom.

    And she's also basically your best friend who thinks all of your jokes are super funny.

    Taylor Swift appreciates you.

    Plus, she is totaly down to make fun of herself.

    LOL, being famous, amiright?

    Her comments sometimes give a neat insight into little-known-facts about her private life.

    Swift's rep confirmed to the Washington Post that she does, in fact, run her own Instagram account.

    She even supports your baking hobby. She would totally encourage you to eat that second cupcake.

    Basically, she's your biggest fan.

    And she has a special way of knowing exactly the right thing to say.

    You're too good to us, Tay Sway.

    h/t Washington Post