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    This Cute Bear Picture Was Photoshopped Into Total Awesomeness

    You might say these Redditors are bear-y talented.

    On Reddit's Photoshop Battles thread, user B34RD posted this pretty silly photo of a bear playing with a piece of wood. And the resident photoshoppers went right to work making it amazing.

    "Every time I buy these!"

    "Yep, it's wood"

    "Phil was never the brightest bear around."

    "Nah man, I ain't seeing shit either..."

    "Coming to a record store near you."

    "Early astronomer"

    "No drinking behind the bar!"

    "This isn't my spyglass."

    "No parrot, no party"

    "I can't hear you"

    "This bear has issues"

    "Mr. Wiggles was the best first mate this ship ever had."


    "Russian bear"