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    This Cute Bear Picture Was Photoshopped Into Total Awesomeness

    You might say these Redditors are bear-y talented.

    On Reddit's Photoshop Battles thread, user B34RD posted this pretty silly photo of a bear playing with a piece of wood. And the resident photoshoppers went right to work making it amazing.

    "Every time I buy these!"

    lains-experiment / Via

    "Yep, it's wood"

    Torenlamp / Via

    "Phil was never the brightest bear around."

    thejook / Via

    "Nah man, I ain't seeing shit either..."

    t-machine / Via

    "Coming to a record store near you."

    LightSamus / Via

    "Early astronomer"

    philiphan25 / Via

    "No drinking behind the bar!"

    Insanitypoint2 / Via

    "This isn't my spyglass."

    theskabus / Via

    "No parrot, no party"

    TheBlazingPhoenix / Via

    "I can't hear you"

    TheBlazingPhoenix / Via

    "This bear has issues"

    Donfon96 / Via

    "Mr. Wiggles was the best first mate this ship ever had."

    theskabus / Via


    thejook / Via

    "Russian bear"

    milvus / Via


    branawesome / Via

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