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A Guy Just Took An Amazing Picture Of A Raccoon Riding An Alligator


First came the weasel riding the woodpecker. Now, behold the raccoon riding an alligator.

The incredible picture was snapped by a man named Richard Jones in Florida's Ocala National Forest on Sunday.

Unfortunately, the raccoon-alligator pair-up isn't for a new live-action Disney movie: Jones told WFTV that the raccoon was frightened when his son walked through some palm fronds to snap a photo, then jumped into the water and onto the alligator's snout.

"I snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and before the raccoon jumped off and scurried away. Without the context you'd think the raccoon was hitching a ride across the river. Pretty amazing," Jones said. "Definitely the photo of a lifetime."

So how would you caption this?

There's some speculation that the picture could be a fake. Either way, let's get the script for this buddy comedy rolling.