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Movie Posters Are So Much Better With Their Hilariously Terrible Amazon Reviews

"You could get the same effect of watching this movie by playing Enya at full volume all the while stabbing your leg with a fork." All photos via @awfulreviews.

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When Christian Beecham saw the director for one of his favorite films, The FP, retweeting all of his negative reviews, he had a lightbulb moment: What if film posters featured bad reviews, instead of good ones?


"Seeing a director actively advertise the bad reviews on his own twitter account gave me the idea," Beecham told BuzzFeed.


Recreating the posters is just a hobby for the Manchester, UK resident, who said he works as a product manager for an employee recognition program.

Beecham said The Wolf of Wall Street and Avatar posters are his favorites so far, and considers the former his "prototype" that he showed a few friends to see if the idea was funny.


To make the posters, the 35-year-old digs through Amazon to find the nastiest one-star reviews that amuse him the most.


He then photoshops them onto posters, sharing them on the Awful Reviews Twitter account and Tumblr.