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Kristen Bell's New Song "Text Me Merry Christmas" Will Be Your Holiday Anthem

"I don't care if you spell things right / I just want to hear from you tonight."

Singing sunbeam Kristen Bell has teamed up with a cappella group Straight No Chaser to give us the holiday song we deserve — all about texting.

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The lyrics poke fun at how much we all rely on our phone keypads to communicate.

And it's impressively catchy.

"Text me Merry Christmas / Let me know you care / Just a word or two / Of text from you / Will remind me you’re still there," Bell sings.

She continues: "You don't have to add much to it / One smiley face will do / Baby text me Merry Christmas / 'Cause I'm missing kissing you."

The group said that Bell was the perfect fit for their unconventional ditty.

"We wanted a Christmas song that spoke to how informal communication has become," singer Randy Stine told "[Bell] nailed every note and delivered the lyrics with the perfect comedic tone. We were hanging on her every word … when we weren't looking at our phones."