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A Sex Expert Is Traveling Around The World Lifting Objects With Her Vagina

From doughnuts to surfboards, Kim Anami makes it look easy.

This is sex expert Kim Anami — and she has a pretty enviable life.

The intimacy coach travels to the most gorgeous places in the world dispensing relationship advice, surfing, and, oh yeah, weight-lifting with her vagina.

Anami, who went viral last year with her unconventional advice on "vaginal kung fu," has started the hashtag #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina to highlight how strong a woman's vagina can be.

"A strong and articulate vagina has many benefits for women, and I wanted to educate people about them in a playful and provocative way," she told BuzzFeed News.

The self-described "liberation master" has gone from California to Bali to spread her message, lifting things like surfboards and smoothies by tying them to a jade egg she inserts inside her, Instagramming as she goes.

So far, Anami said her favorite things she's lifted are gluten-free, organic, coconut sugar-sweetened donuts, and a garden gnome.

In fact, it was the traveling gnome meme that inspired Anami to do a kind of "vagina on tour," she said.

"I want every woman to know that she, too, can shoot ping pong balls from her vagina," she added. "It’s not just a skill set reserved for some special Thai vaginas."

Learn more about Anami's "vaginal kung fu" here.