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Posted on Jul 29, 2014

People Are Using The FaceFusion App To Turn Themselves Into Creepy Animal-Human Hybrids

Can't. Look. Away.

Yesterday, Reddit user _baum played mad scientist and combined his dad's face with his dog's face using the FaceFusion app. It was totally horrifying. And awesome.

But he isn't the only one who has tested out the app's capabilities outside of human subjects.

A ton of other people have, too, and the results look pretty much exactly like what it would look like if animals and humans could mate. *shudder*

I mean, this is basically better than CGI.

And sometimes a little too realistic.

Oh God, kill it.

And just like how you don't need to use two human subjects for the face swap, you can pretty much combine yourself with any object you want.

Even a plate of sushi. Who wouldn't want to be a plate of sushi?

Submit your own awesomely creepy FaceFusion pictures in the comments!

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