This Brilliant Ad Campaign Uses Kids Playing With Sex Toys And Tampons To Promote Gun Safety

    Because if they find it, they'll play with it.

    Evolve, an organization promoting gun safety, is using the truism that everything is a toy to a child in order to convince people that they need to lock up their firearms.

    The ad campaign, called "Playthings," uses sex toys, condoms, tampons, and other personal items to prove that kids will play with whatever they find. It might be a vibrator, or it might be a weapon.

    "Humor is a gateway in to giving people a way to talk about highly-charged and polarizing topics," Evolve co-founder Rebecca Bond told BuzzFeed News. "At the base of all humor is an inspired truth."

    The print campaign follows up an ad with the same theme that went viral last June, getting over 7 million views on YouTube.

    "When the PSA launched last year, we knew people were looking for a way to talk about this and not get into the politics or conversion (to own a gun or not)," Bond said.

    Evolve says on their website that they aim to use mass media to to inspire living room conversations about gun safety:

    Guns are a part of America, from the shot heard round the world to present days. How do we as a country begin a productive conversation that protects gun rights, but gives equal consideration to the moral responsibilities that come with those rights?

    "If you have a child, it's irresponsible and reckless not to ask about gun habits and storage," Bond said. "If you have a gun, the onus is on you to exercise the highest standards of handling and storage."

    "If they find it, they'll play with it," Evolve wrote. "So always lock up your guns! (And your special toys, for that matter)."

    H/T Bored Panda