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An Artist Brilliantly Reimagined What Disney Animals Would Look Like As Humans

Daaaamn, Simba.

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A Wisconsin-based artist who goes by Pugletto was getting frustrated by how fans were interpreting The Lion King characters when they drew them as humans. So she decided to do some new ones herself.

The results are impressive and ethnically diverse before-and-afters that are massively popular on Tumblr, where the pictures have gotten up to thousands of notes.


"People liked it so much, I went ahead and took some liberties with other animal characters from my childhood," the 24-year-old, who has a degree in animation, told BuzzFeed.

In deciding how the characters should look, the artist takes into account location, time period, and the characters' palettes in their tones and clothing.


"I try not to be very typical about it, but I mostly try to ensure the characters themselves retain similar angles and structures," she said.

Pugletto said she's hoping to eventually do some human interpretations of 101 Dalmatians, Oliver & Company, and some '90s cartoons.


"I ... just got really frustrated about the amount of Simbas with white skin and flowing red hair," she told Cosmo.

"The project went from alleviating my frustrations to employing diversity where there was a blatant absence of it," she added.


She's even done some reverse animations, like showing what Elsa would look like as a beautiful-maned, frost-colored pup.