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    Coronavirus Fact Or Fake: Can You Pass Our Interactive Quiz?

    Try your hand at answering these commonly asked questions about COVID-19, and find out the answers from a real doctor.

    Note: This video’s data was up to date as of publishing on March 14, 2020. Visit our COVID-19 info hub for the newest information.

    There's so much information floating around about COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, it has been called an "infodemic." Have you been able to separate the facts from the falsities? Put your knowledge to the test in the interactive quiz below, with answers from a real doctor.

    Note that the virus is still being studied, so information is ever-evolving; stay informed by checking legitimate news sources daily.

    Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, from One Medical, is here to help guide you along the way.


    Find out just how informed you are with questions like how long coronavirus can live on hard surfaces or whether a mask can prevent illness.


    After you answer, get the real info straight from a doctor.


    When you finish all of the questions, find out just how in-the-know you are.


    How'd you do? Tell us in the comments. And head back to the top of this post to play!

    Want even more info? For accurate, up-to-date information on COVID-19, visit the CDC. You can also check out our YouTube video with Dr. Bhuyan, where she answers commonly googled questions about COVID-19.

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