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    Nothing Is Better Or Weirder Than These Roasted Chickens Wearing Costumes

    Presenting the works of Emily Chickenson.

    Sure, you've heard of Emily Dickinson. But have you heard of...

    ...Emily CHICKENSON?

    [dramatic pause]

    [pause continues]

    [pause becomes uncomfortable]

    Well, you know what? That's fine. Because I'm going to tell you alllll about it. Emily Chickenson is an artistic enterprise and the brainchild of Jill Alexander Essbaum. It consists of ROASTED CHICKENS DRESSED UP IN LITTLE CLOTHES AND PHOTOGRAPHED ON LITTLE SETS.

    "I was learning to cook," Essbaum explains over at her Emily Chickenson homepage, which lurks (for reasons not fully understood) in a dark corner of The Best American Poetry website. "But I got bored. So I began to amuse myself by dressing them in little outfits."

    Most of the props and costumes were made by Essbaum, and most of the chickens were eaten post-photo shoot. The best part of all is that you can order sets of gift cards with the photos on them.

    "NO CHICKEN IS A REPEAT! Also, nothing is photoshopped," the artist assures us. Without further ado, enjoy:

    "Chicken Shit"

    "Tell me about your mother."

    "It must be Zorro: he has his black hat and Capon."

    "You're no spring chicken!"

    "Veni, Vidi, Poultry"

    "La Vir-Hen de Guadalupe"

    "White (Meat) Trash"