24 Foods Made With Surprise Potato Chips

    Food rule of thumb: If you like it, then you better put a chip on it.

    1. Brownies were always meant to have potato chips in them.

    2. Potato chips should be a mandatory component of all lobster rolls.

    3. Potato chips + peanut butter = killer thumbprint cookies.

    4. Grilled ham and cheese is even more special with potato chips in it.

    5. Potato chips are an ideal chicken tender crust.

    6. Same goes for fish.

    7. Meet the "Bar Snack Blondie": pretzels, almonds, potato chips, dark chocolate.

    8. Onion rings covered in potato chips are the only onion rings that matter.

    9. Potato chips should have a permanent spot on top of fried rice.

    10. Gosh, ice cream sundae, that's a mighty fetching potato chip hat you've got on.

    11. Potato chip nachos don't get nearly as much airplay as they deserve.

    12. It's unclear why anyone would make non-potato chip tart crusts.

    13. Peanut, pickles, and potato chips is a PB&J for the new millennium.

    14. This "Late Night Snack" ice cream cake incorporates both internal and external potato chips.

    15. Potato chip chilaquiles: In retrospect, duh.

    16. A potato chip crown is the only appropriate headgear for chocolate compost cupcakes.

    17. Every omelette should be so lucky as to be filled with potato chips.

    18. Potato chips are downright classy when you bake them into shortbread.

    19. When mac 'n' cheese snuggles with potato chips, we all win.

    20. How did it take us this long to bake muffins with Pringle streusel?

    21. A casserole covered in potato chips still totally counts as a vegetable.

    22. Nothing rocks a fancy party outfit like a potato chip.

    23. Chocolate chip cookies are already perfect, but potato chips make them more perfect.

    24. Although, honestly, potato chips can carry a cookie on their own.