The Only Liquid Worth Talking About

Let’s put eggnog in everything ever.

2. And also in between two pieces of (eggnog) french toast.

I want to live in that exact place right there where the eggnog is. Recipe at Handle the Heat.

9. Let’s put eggnog in whipped cream and put that cream inside crepes and also on top of the crepes.

Recipe at Once Upon A Cutting Board.

10. Let’s put eggnog in oatmeal.

Oatmeal, you need to relax. With eggnog. Recipe at Back To Her Roots.

13. And also cover those eggnog pancakes with eggnog syrup.

Recipe at Dine & Dish.

15. And also put fried chicken on those eggnog waffles.

Recipe at Serious Eats.

16. Let’s put eggnog in cookies with bacon.

Recipe at Foodbeast.

18. And also in frosting between eggnog cookies.

Recipe at Spork or Foon.

19. Let’s put eggnog in pumpkin bread pudding.

Recipe at Krissy’s Creations.

21. Let’s put eggnog in ice cream.

One ingredient recipe (!) (two if you like booze) at Tall Clover Farm.

22. And also turn that eggnog ice cream into eggnog ice cream pie.

BRB, brain just exploded. Get the recipe at Let’s Dish.

23. Let’s put eggnog in coffee.

Here’s a recipe for a latté if that’s really how it has to be, but it pretty much works like this: Get some coffee. PUT SOME EGGNOG IN IT.

24. Let’s put eggnog in pudding shots.

Uhhh did you know pudding shots were a thing? Because I didn’t, and they’re all I plan to consume for the rest of time. Recipe at Brit + Co.

25. Wait, forget everything I just said and care about this instead: Let’s. Put. Eggnog. In. Cereal.

Found my soulmate and it’s this guy.

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