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What's The Best Thing You've Ever Bought?

Tell us about your all-time greatest purchase.

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Money has many uses.

Qa'ed Mai / Via

And while we all know it can't buy happiness — at least not directly...

Qa'ed Mai / Via can definitely buy you things that BRING you happiness.

TLC / Via

Like cookies.

So we want to know: What's the single BEST and most worthwhile thing you've ever spent your hard-earned money on?

Destiny's Child VEVO / Via

It could be an accessory, a piece of clothing, or a beauty product that makes you feel like a MILLION BUCKS.

Fox TV / Via

Just like Cookie.

Maybe it's the amazing blender you finally shelled out for and use every day.

Or a little gadget that cost just a few bucks but kind of changed your life.

NIcole Nguyen / Via

Maybe it's not even an object, but a ticket to somewhere or something that you'll never forget.

Whatever it is, tell us about your awesome purchase in the comments: where you got it, what it cost, and why you love it.

With a photo, for extra credit. We’ll feature the best suggestions in a future post on BuzzFeed.

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