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16 Ways To Make A Better PB&J

Is it hard to improve on the classic sandwich? Yes. But not impossible.

1. Grill it.

2. Better yet, put it in your waffle iron.

3. Or, if you're really hardcore, batter and deep-fry it.

4. Build a PB&J 2.0: Six spreads create NINE different, glorious flavor zones.

5. Make DIY Uncrustables.

6. Roll up some adorable PB&J sushi.

7. Use this brilliant jelly-locking technique:

8. Make yourself a nice PB&J banana dog.

9. Ritz crackers make darling tiny sandwiches for maximum snacking ease.

10. Use fruit instead of jelly or jam.

11. Or forget the dumb fruity stuff and go with a PP&P (peanut butter, pickle, and potato chip).

12. Honestly, potato chips are a good idea either way.

13. Fashion a charming PB&J puzzle with a cookie cutter.

14. Make the sandwich with French toast.

15. Or banana bread.

16. Or just straight-up cake.