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    26 Lazy But Brilliant Ways To Get Drunk

    Step 1: Be trashy. Step 2: Get trashed.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Vodka + Emergen-C = you're basically a doctor.

    Find the, um, recipe here.

    2. While vodka + Kool-Aid will take you right down memory lane.

    3. Follow this parent's ingenious example.

    4. Or make your own bag o' juice by freezing booze and a mixer.

    Cocktail umbrella absolutely not optional.

    5. Ever heard of a Sunny D'Andre? NOW YOU HAVE.

    The best/worst mimosa your lil lips will ever taste.

    6. If you've already drunk part of your 40, add OJ to make a Brass Monkey.

    Christian / Flickr Creative Commons / Flickr: 55269300@N00

    Bonus points if you try to order one of these at a licensed establishment.

    7. Or refill with Red Bull.

    David Mertl / Flickr Creative Commons / Flickr: dmertl

    Keep going with the rest of these ingredients and you've VERY ALLEGEDLY got yourself a Four Loko.

    8. Cobra and Sparks merge to form a HYPER VIPER.

    9. All gummy bears want is to be soaked in vodka.

    Or whatever you have on hand. Find out more here.

    10. Same with Skittles.

    11. Aaaand Starbursts.

    12. And Jolly Ranchers?

    oFace Killah / Flickr Creative Commons / Flickr: oface

    Childhood sure was a rich tapestry.

    13. You can make a fancy-sounding-yet-not-at-all-fancy Kalimotxo by refilling your half-drunk Franzia box with Coke.

    14. Or add Sunkist to your shitty red wine for a spin on sangria.

    Recipe here, if the spirit moves you.

    15. Swap in Three (née Two) Buck Chuck for the cheapest sangria you ever did see.

    Mack Male / Flickr Creative Commons / Flickr: mastermaq

    16. Pour your favorite seltzer into your least-favorite wine to make a spritzer.

    17. Carnation isn't just for babies and breakfast!

    18. A shot and a beer can be joined in wedded bliss.

    19. Chances are you don't have Grey Goose, but you DO have Gatorade.

    LindsayDeeBunny / Flickr Creative Commons / Flickr: lindsaydeebunny

    Swap in that bottom-shelf liquor and you're good to go.

    20. Add Red Bull if you'd like to never sleep again.

    21. Amp up Fireball with cider for a toasty kick in the pants.

    April Bowles / / Via

    Get the recipe here.

    22. Kosher wine gets a new lease on life when spiked with vodka.

    23. Or add Dr Pepper to arrive at Jesus Juice.

    24. Combine Mountain Dew and supercheap tequila for a night where absolutely nothing could possibly go wrong.

    25. Add 7-Up to your whiskey and pretend like you're classy. / Via

    Recipe here.

    26. And for the truly lazy geniuses among us:

    Have a good night!!