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    5 Reasons Why You Need To Tune In To The Sing-Off Holiday Special

    The Sing-Off is back for a two hour special airing on NBC next Wednesday (December 17, check your local listings). And though it's not a full season like we had hoped, two hours is infinitely better than zero hours. The math doesn't lie.

    The Sing-Off Special promo

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    Now for those of you new to The Sing-Off realm (welcome), here's a quick summary of the show's premise...

    The Sing-Off is a reality singing competition in which various a cappella groups compete for a recording contract, cash prize, and title of SING-OFF SUPREME OVERLORDS *ahem* Where were we? Oh yes, a cappella. Voices only. No instruments. *insert appropriate ooohing and ahhhing*

    Okay, so now that we're all on the same page, here are five things to be excited about for next week's Sing-Off holiday spectacular!

    1. The Judges

    We knew early on, shortly after the show had it's eleventh hour renewal, that long time judge and a cappella royalty, Ben Folds, would not be returning due to his touring schedule. Though we were devastated, we were also left wondering who would fill the void left by Ben on the judging panel. So when it was announced that Fall Out Boy front-man, Patrick Stump, would be taking the vacant seat alongside returning judges, Jewel and Shawn Stockman, we were pretty excited. And while we're going to miss Ben's effervescent charm and wit, we're stoked to see what Patrick will bring to the judges' table.

    Meet the judges

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    Patrick looking dapper in his "Ben Folds" spectacles

    Meet the contestants

    AcaFanBase / Via

    (L-R) The Exchange, Timothy's Gift, SanFran6, a.squared, Traces, Melodores

    3. The Special Guest Perfomances

    Since the show has been shortened from a typical full season to just two hours, the producers decided to bring back not one but two former Sing-Off champions (to sweeten the deal for us die-hard fans, of course). Season 3's Pentatonix (who recently just crossed the 7 million YouTube subscribers milestone) and Season 4's Home Free (who from our sources, will be performing with all three of the aforementioned esteemed judges). Bonus! Both groups have released holiday albums this year that you must check out titled "That's Christmas To Me" and "Full Of Cheer" respectively. Double bonus! They've also released music videos for both of the title tracks for our viewing pleasure.

    Pentatonix's official video for "That’s Christmas To Me"

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    PTX / Via

    Home Free's official video for "Full Of Cheer"

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    Home Free / Via

    VoicePlay and Street Corner Symphony's cover of "Don't" by Ed Sheeran

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    5. The Magic Of A Cappella

    You read that right. There is nothing more magical than a cappella. Yes, we realize that we are biased because we're aca-nerds, but how else can you describe the sound of human voices coming together in perfect harmony? And if there is any hope for a full season next year, the aca-fans of the world have to tune in to show the execs at NBC that there is a want and a need for a cappella to be on national television. /endrant

    We want to know what *you* are looking forward to the most? Leave a comment below!