Turns Out, Moths Are Hella Cute Up Close

It’s nearly impossible to look at them without saying “SQUEE!”

1. I’m just gonna get right to the point: moths are freaking adorable!!!!

Jasius / Getty Images

2. Check out this one, which looks like it’s heading to the Kentucky Derby in a fuzzy lil’ fancy hat:

Arnel Campos / Getty Images

3. And this one, rocking a winter white cape with fur trim:

Dea / Getty Images

4. I like this one, which is clearly traveling from the faraway planet on which it lives to attend a royal wedding:

Kapuk Dodds / Getty Images

5. This one is more low-key, but still cute AF:

Flickr Creative Commons / Via flic.kr

6. This beeb looks like a golden snitch:

Flickr Creative Commons / Via flic.kr

7. Moth or bison???? WHO’S TO SAY???

Gordzam / Getty Images


Universalimagesgroup / Getty Images

9. Y’all are TOO DAMN MUCH.


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