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15 Simple And Easy Tips For Dealing With Trash

You need a bigger trash can in your laundry room than you think you do!

1. Choose the right size bag for your garbage can.

2. Consider having two kitchen trash cans: a big one for non-smelly trash, and a well-sealed, smaller one (with a liner) for food trash, anything drippy, and other waste that is likely to smell bad.

3. Or just put food waste directly into a lil' compost bin.

4. Soak a cotton ball with your favorite essential oil and drop it in a new trash bag after you put it in the bin to make it smell a little nicer.

5. Wrap broken glass in newspaper or put the shards in an empty cereal box before throwing away so they are less likely to puncture a trash bag and/or injure anyone.

6. If you're the DIY type, make a wall mount for your trash bags using wooden dowels and curtain rod brackets.

7. If possible, get a kitchen trash can that opens with a foot pedal.

8. If you've got gross leftovers in reusable containers in your fridge that you're dreading dealing with (hey, it happens to the best of us!) stick them in the freezer. Then just pop the entire frozen mass out into the trash.

9. Get an indoor container for recyclables, so you don't have to go outside every time you finish a can of soda or jug of milk.

10. Clean and sanitize the inside of your trash can once a week.

11. If you live in an apartment complex, park near the Dumpster to motivate yourself to take the trash out the next time you leave.

12. If you have a small dog whose poop bags are making your garage trash can smell really bad, throw them in a diaper pail instead.

13. Keep an empty tissue box in the car as a makeshift trash can.

14. And make a habit of throwing away any trash in your car any time you stop for gas.

15. Put a trash can in your laundry room — and get a bigger one than you think you need.


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