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This Wedding Dress Has Been Worn By Three Generations Of Brides

Great bridal style runs in the family.

Though some brides save their dresses for decades, thinking they'll pass the gown on to their daughter, it rarely works out that way.

But in this Pittsburgh family, the same wedding dress has been worn by three different brides.

When Helene Gryzwinski was preparing to marry her sweetheart Chester in 1947, she bought the dress at Kauffman's department store in Pittsburgh.

When Cindy Kost, Helene's daughter, was planning her 1975 wedding, she decided to wear her mother's dress.

By the time Jackie got engaged in 2009, the dress had become the stuff of family legend.

Whether the dress will be worn again remains to be seen.

"I'm an only child and all the cousins on my mom's side already are married, so the dress has seen the spotlight for this generation," Jackie said. "If we have a daughter, though, I definitely will keep the dress as an option for her if she'd like to wear it on her wedding day."