This Sweater Is Big Enough For You And Everyone You Know

    Because knit happens.

    Have you ever put on a cozy sweater and thought to yourself, This sweater would be so much better if all my friends were wearing it with me?

    Yeah, me too.

    Which is why I was so excited when I spotted the Together Sweater on Instagram.

    This genius piece of clothing is the bicycle built for two of the fashion world.

    You can wear it with your love...

    Or your best pal...

    Parents and their children love it too...

    As do non-humans...

    But what if you want to put more than two people in your sweater? Great news: you can do that too.

    If you're feeling really generous, you could invite seven of your closest friends to wear the sweater with you.

    That's basically half your ugly sweater party right there, in one sweater.

    So where does one buy what is essentially cable-knit Fundies?

    Sadly, the Together Sweater is not for sale. It was created by TOMS and Target to celebrate the launch of their collaboration and was only sent to a limited number of their partners. A representative from Target told BuzzFeed Life, "We wanted to find a fun, yet meaningful way to symbolize the spirit of the holidays and the idea that you can do more good when you come together with others to help those in need. While tongue-and-cheek, we think the 'Together Sweater' captures the 'One for One, for All' mantra of our collaboration with TOMS and serves as a reminder that we can accomplish more by working together."

    If you're feeling upset you cannot own one of these woven masterpieces for yourself, there is a silver lining: TOMS and Target will be giving away a Together Sweater on Twitter at 2 p.m. EST on Friday, November 21.

    The rest of us will just be over here, furiously attempting to cut apart two old sweaters to make our own.