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    This Weekly To-Do List Setup Is Low-Key Genius

    It will either inspire you or stress you out.

    Hello, friends and fellow lovers of pen-and-paper to-do lists! I have something to share that I think you're gonna like.

    Perhaps you, like me, create a fresh new to-do list every single day.

    But I recently came across this cool weekly list setup on Insta that's pretty brilliant:

    To make it easier to spot their top priorities at a glance, they add larger boxes on the opposite page and write in the three most important tasks for each day:

    So, I started doing a modified version of this a couple weeks ago: I put my work tasks on the left...

    ...and home tasks + events on the right...

    And then I make a separate one just for weekends:

    I like it because it takes up less space in my $17 journal, I don't have to rewrite tasks every day, and I can leave my journal open at work without my diary entries hanging out!

    Pen & paper to-do lists 4 lyfe!