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This Is The Classiest Wedding Favor We've Ever Seen

Maggie Smith Kühn really knows how ~draw a crowd~.

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Maggie Smith Kühn, 29, is an Atlanta-based party portrait artist who creates original watercolors of event guests. / Via

Her recent post on Reddit — where she shared photos of a Kentucky Derby party she worked this spring — made the front page.


Smith Kühn, who said she does events 40-50 weekends a year, has been painting party guests for nearly 12 years.

Maggie Smith Kühn / Via Instagram: @iamnotmaggie

"I used to bring my sketchbook to parties in high school and draw people, mostly because I was shy in big groups but very comfortable with one-on-one conversations," she said. "It helped me get to know people, honed my portrait skills, and made me a much quicker painter."

She got her first paying gig in 2009 when she painted the first dance at a friend's wedding.

Smith Kühn said each portrait takes 5-10 minutes "depending on how crazy the person's outfit is!" / Via

"I can paint 10-12 portraits per hour, max, when I do wedding portraits for guests, so I've done as many as 72 portraits in a night before!" she said.

She also loves to paint couples during their first dance, or she'll paint them later (based on a photograph) at home in her studio.

Maggie Smith Kühn / Via Instagram: @iamnotmaggie

"Paintings can also do what photography cannot," she said, "so sometimes people send me photos where they aren't happy and they want them re-imagined, or they want family members/pets added in."


See more of Smith Kühn's work on her website and Instagram, and get info about hiring her (yes, she'll travel!) here.