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This Guy Turned The Bone From His Amputated Leg Into His Wife's Engagement Ring

After Mike Perrett had his leg amputated, he decided to turn the negative experience into something more positive.

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In 2006, a year after the couple met, Mike fell off a mountain while volunteering for an orphanage in India, badly damaging his right leg.

Courtesy Mike and Melita Perrett

"He was told he was lucky to be alive," Melita told BuzzFeed Life. "The force taken to break the bone would have skewered him if his legs had not buckled."

Mike wanted to keep part of his bone, so the medical team agreed to give him part of the shin bone.

When he was ready to propose to Melita in 2011, Mike decided to have pieces of the bone put into her engagement ring.

Courtesy Mike and Melita Perrett

Melita said her now-husband was inspired by a friend wearing imitation bone earrings made of plastic.

Mike worked with London-based jeweler Ingle & Rhode to create the ring as a surprise for Melita.

Design file of the ring / Ingle & Rhode

The ring is made from platinum and inlaid with two pieces of Mike's bone and a quarter-carat diamond. A spokeswoman for Ingle & Rhode told BuzzFeed Life that the bone fragments were completely sterilized before they worked with them, so the jewelers were happy to incorporate them.


"I guess why it's so special to me," Melita said, "is because I think it shows his bravely coming to terms with something like that so positively... which has to be a good attribute for marriage."