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31 Things Women Used To Have To Do In Skirts That'll Make You Say "Nah"

Climbing mountains in a full-length skirt seems extremely safe!!!!

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1. Fight fires:

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

(Click the photos to enlarge/see these badass women in action!)

3. Patrol the nation's parks:

National Park Service / Via nps.gov

Fun* fact: female US park rangers weren't authorized to wear the same uniform as men until 1978.


4. And the streets:

Keystone-France / Getty, West Midlands Police / Flickr Creative Commons / Via flic.kr, Cal Montney / Los Angeles Times Archive / UCLA

Read the entire (fascinating) history of female police officer's uniforms here.

18. Shoot guns:

23. Compete in Olympic archery:

30. Be on the floor of the US Senate:


Women weren't allowed to wear pants on the floor of the US Senate until 1993. NINETEEN-NINETY-THREE! (And only then because a group of female senators defied the rules and just did the damn thing.)

31. March for basic human rights:

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