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    These Boxers Promise To Solve All Your Boner Problems

    Good news if you've got a perma-erection.

    Oh, the inconvenience of the awkwardly timed boner.

    Sometimes it's just not a good time for a stiffy.

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    And you don't always have the option to lower the flag from full mast.

    If you keep finding yourself with a hard-on at the most inopportune times, you might be interested in Bloxers.


    Bloxers are a new line of boxer shorts that contain a hidden panel made of stretchy fabric that the creators say will conceal untimely erections.

    According to the company, "The fabric, dubbed the 'deflector shield,' covers your crotch in its entirety and allows you to grow but at a controlled pace while deflecting to your chosen side." (Emphasis mine.)

    "I came up with the idea for Bloxers after watching this scene from Anchorman a few months back," Chris Woods, MVP of design for Bloxers, told BuzzFeed Life.

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    "My friends and I thought, Someone should do something about this! and that’s how Bloxers were born," he said.

    "The panel acts pretty much like you are wearing a pair of smaller boxers on one leg," Woods said.

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    "This panel prevents outward growth and 'holds it down' while the regular boxer it is sewn into hangs normally on top," he said. "It feels like you're wearing a pair of boxers under another pair on that leg."

    Bloxers are not currently available for purchase, but contributing $20 to the company's Indiegogo campaign will get you one step closer to getting a pair.

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    You can get your Bloxers with the panel on the right leg or the left leg, depending on your preference, or pay an extra $5 for a pair of "Switch Hitters." The company plans to donate 25% of its profits to prostate cancer research.

    According to their website, "When life makes it hard, Bloxers make it easy."