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    26 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Build Snowmen Anymore

    Do you want to build a snowman? Not if you're going to do a horrible job of it.

    1. Whoever is responsible for this terrifying snowman ghost

    2. The person who built this snowman made of hail

    3. The identity thief behind this Olaf impostor

    4. Whoever built this oddly muscular snowstatue

    5. The wise guy who wanted to see what a snowman/Joker hybrid would look like

    Our attempt at snowman biscuits!!!!@Micklemdep #fail @Pottsyx more like the joker from batman!

    Allison Potts@potts_allisonFollow

    Our attempt at snowman biscuits!!!!@Micklemdep #fail @Pottsyx more like the joker from batman!

    3:29 PM - 27 Nov 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    6. Whoever is to blame for this filthy pile of slush

    7. Anyone who attempts to turn artificial snow into something resembling a snowman

    8. The gal who thought snowmen should dress like tourists

    9. The creator of this icy pyramid of shame

    10. This troll

    11. The person responsible for this snow...blob

    12. The neighbor who committed crimes against snowmanity

    13. Whoever brought this poor unfortunate soul into the world

    14. The wannabe chef behind this snowman pancake

    15. The guy who publicly displayed this grungy snowball with eyes

    16. The snow artist inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream

    17. The buzzkill who built this line-faced snowman

    18. They're probably BFFs with this kid

    19. The designer of this mass of sugar and goo

    20. This monster

    21. Whoever engineered this lump of snow and failed dreams

    22. This sadist who built this dork

    23. The creator of this original...snowpenguin? Snow...goblin???

    24. Whoever made this snowman you would not want to meet in a dark alley

    25. The person who still needs to apologize for this mistake

    26. The comedian behind this snowpeen

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