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Bad News, Y'all: Those Trendy Finger Tattoos Don't Age Well

Sorry :(

Tiny, delicate tattoos are a huge trend right now, and people are getting them all over their bods.

And while finger tattoos aren't new, the delicate hipster finger tattoo has definitely become A Thing, especially on Pinterest and Instagram.

The only problem? It's got a really short shelf life.

Los Angeles artist Paul Timman recently told Racked that finger tattoos will only last for a few years before they start fading or looking like a Rorschach test.

So why do tattoo artists keep doing them? Because y'all keep giving them money.

From Racked:

Timman estimates he gives this speech about poorly conceived, internet-inspired tattoos roughly 10 times a day. Even still, he says only about 60 percent of the customers he’s talking to actually listen. "If you still want to give us money, we’ll do it, because we have a mortgage to pay and kids to feed, but we sleep better at night knowing we’ve told you what’s going to happen."

Whomp whomp.

So maaaaybe don't get a finger tattoo, and instead remember that there are lots of other flesh spots that you can put tiny arrows on!

Do you have a finger tattoo (either intact or rotting)? Share it in the comments!