Christian Louboutin Is Adding New Shades Of "Nude"

    Brown girls, rejoice!

    As fashion magazines are quick to tell us, heels that match your skin color can be amazingly sexy.

    They make your legs look longer and basically go with everything.

    But if you're a brown girl who has ever tried to find "nude" shoes, you know how frustrating it can be.

    Realizing that your version of "nude" is not the ~right~ shade of nude is a subtle reminder that you're different.

    Finding a strapless bra that is nude for my skin tone is like trying to find a super thin needle in a haystack. #blackgirlproblems

    And it's hard not to feel like you're invisible to the powers that be.

    When nude lipstick, tights, heels and band aids were invented they weren't talking about you. #blackgirlprobz #blackgirlproblems

    But in 2013, shoe designer Christian Louboutin introduced five shades of "nude" in a capsule collection. And this week, he unveiled two additional hues at a Bergdorf Goodman event.

    The designer chose two women who are well-known in the fashion industry — Shiona Turini and Nina Garcia — to model the new colors.

    A company spokeswoman told BuzzFeed Life the collection is intended to offer more women the possibility of owning a pair of shoes that would closely match the color of their skin.

    The two new colors will be available in stores next year, and Bergdorf Goodman just added the original five shades in new silhouettes for summer.

    At about $700 a pair, Louboutins don't come cheap. But the fact that a luxury brand is recognizing brown women is still a big deal.

    Because it's about damn time, y'all.