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21 Kids Who Were Better Dressed Than You In 2014

They take too cool for school to a whole new level. Better luck next year.

1. This dapper cutie.

2. This guy, who has the effortlessly cool thing down.

3. This girl, with her perfect playdate outfit.

4. And her baby brother, who has the best hat ever.

5. This girl, who rocks the bold colors you only wish you could wear so proudly.

6. This little dude, whose effortless style is enviable.

7. This baby, who wears gold sequined hot pants just to lounge around the house.

8. This kiddo, whose fashion-forward sweater is perfection.

9. This kid, who has the layering thing all figured out.

10. This girl, who makes you wish they made a winged sweatshirt in your size.

11. This beautiful baby, who wears a romper with so much confidence.

12. This little dude, who clearly knows how to accessorize.

13. This girl, who flawlessly mixed a giant bow and high tops.

14. This guy, who proves that great style can be comfortable.

15. This toddler, who mixes prints like it ain't no thang.

16. This precious boy and his perfect hair.

17. These two, who prove that wearing the same dress as your friend isn't a fashion disaster.

18. This little one, whose top knot game is on point.

19. This girl, who can wear denim on denim and not look ridiculous.

20. This sweetie, who makes pink and leopard look surprisingly grown-up.

21. These two.

For more stylish kids who will put you to shame, check out igkiddies and trendiekiddies on Instagram.