Just 21 Times Mindy Kaling Was An OG Wellness Hoe

    "Big news! Today I ran a 9.5 minute mile, something I've been trying to do for 8 years. I would like to thank my sneakers, my neighbors in little Ethiopia, my alarm clock, my 4 day old blueberry muffin I ate, and my sense of panic at being out of shape. Hooray! If I can do it, so can you!"

    1. When she described the ideal Saturday.

    Get up early, run errands, read, nap, slowly jog to early 2000s music while imagining I'm protecting the 2012 olympics from terrorists

    2. When she found the perfect new running music.

    This new Nelly single is fun to run to. He's so impassioned about his ex-gf, who in my mind is the narrator of "Single Ladies".

    3. Because you can't, like, work out to just anything.

    Can't run to Eminem and all his rage issues songs anymore. Too distracting.

    4. When she got overwhelmed by Whole Foods.

    I'm wandering around Whole Foods like tom hanks in The Terminal

    5. And walked into a Lululemon and lost all sense of reason.

    I just ravaged a lululemon like Godzilla, it felt so good

    6. When she successfully completed a fast run and gave a victory speech to celebrate it.

    7. When she was had no patience for people who don't follow the rules of polite society.

    There's a girl in barre class who won't wear socks even though it's mandatory, I am certain she hates vaccinations too

    8. And when her workout motivation was on point.

    If it wasn't for revenge fantasies of finding the imaginary murderer of my imaginary husband I would never exercise

    9. And when she understood the power of positive thinking.

    Big run today. Thinking of fantasizing the Godfather and I'm the Sonny Corleone character? But I live.

    10. When she had it up to HERE with long-ass classes.

    I'm sorry I'm supposed to do yoga for NINETY fucking minutes are you kidding me I have to contribute to society

    11. When she made one vaguely virtuous choice and felt GREAT about it.

    God I feel so superior drinking my coconut water

    12. Okay, two vaguely virtuous choices.

    All my napkins are from Subway and Whole Foods. IM AN ENVIRONMENTALIST

    13. When she understood that a slow workout is a good workout.

    Yes? What? I need to foam roll for 45 minutes before I walk slowly on the treadmill. THAT'S MY WORKOUT

    14. When she discovered the power of pretty workout gear.

    15. When she made you desperately wish she was in your spin class.

    Next spinning class I'm gonna put a basket and a baguette on my bike. I'll be the "hilarious" one.

    16. When she came up with basically the perfect group workout.

    If you like to jog, you like talking about Kate Middleton's wedding gown, and you have 90 minutes, join Mindy Kaling's slow run club

    17. BRB, gotta get to "yoga and revenge fantasy spin."

    My yoga and revenge fantasy spin starts in five, ladies #YARFS

    Going to start using #YARFS in my every day life now, don't mind me.

    18. When she perfectly described LA.

    Awake all night, awake all day, anxious, wear spf, drink a green juice, repeat. #losangeles

    19. When she deeply felt the struggle that all Nalgene owners have experienced.

    @davidstassen whenever I try to use a nalgene all the water falls all over my face

    20. When she maybe put in a little too much effort.

    My group exercise instructor thought I was dying. She opened the door and yelled "someone help her!"

    21. And when she was her own role model.

    Going to spin class now, inspired by my own gif. BE THE GIF YOU WANT TO BE.