Here’s The Deal With The Magical Peeling Face Gel Everyone Loves

    It's deeply satisfying to use and makes your skin glow.

    Hello, friends! I am here today to tell you about the amazing $14 skincare product that many BuzzFeed employees and friends are obsessed with: Dr. G Gowoonsesang Brightening Peeling Gel.

    The obsession began when our former coworker Arabelle gave it a glowing review, wherein she said her skin was "extracting noodles of filth."

    Don't want to take my word for it? Here are a few testimonials from my fellow Dr. G devotees:

    "My eternal skin dream is to just have my whole face be so perfectly smooth that there is nothing anywhere I could possibly pick at or fuss over, and for the beautiful few hours right after Dr. G-ing, that dream is REAL. So satisfying. I do recommend moisturizing or masking after you use it; otherwise I get a little dried out." —Rachel S.

    "I always thought I had a face full of extremely stubborn blackheads, but then I discovered Dr. G and learned that a) they weren't blackheads, and b) that they weren't stubborn at all, they just needed a good-ass scrubbing from a mysteriously named and branded Korean skincare product-cum-biological weapon." —Ellen C.

    "I am eternally grateful to Arabelle Sicardi for putting me on to Dr. G and this peel. It’s the perfect mixture of satisfyingly gross and cleansing; every time I use it I feel like I’m purifying myself. In the dumpster fire that is 2016, I love knowing at least my skin’s grime is removable." —Hannah G.

    "Take it from someone who used to revel in examining the blackhead strips she peeled off her skin: This stuff is a million times more satisfying. You just peel, peel, peel. Plus, it's not as long of a commitment as your typical exfoliating/resurfacing mask — five minutes tops!" —Megan P.

    "It makes me feel clean!!!!!!!!" —Jess T.

    I'm not really a pricey skincare person (give me my $10 micellar water and some store-brand Cetaphil and I'm good to go), but this scrub is worth it.

    Do it to it!