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19 Reasons Brunch Weddings Are Pretty Much Perfect

Two words: WAFFLE CAKE.

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7. You can keep the decorations simple because no one will be expecting over-the-top centerpieces and dramatic uplighting.

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Actually, no one will be expecting over-the-top anything, so a brunch wedding is a very budget-friendly option.


16. You can definitely still have an awesome dance party.

Katherine O'Brien

If you're worried that people won't dance, don't. If you're on the dance floor, they'll follow your lead. (And if you're the only one dancing, you won't even care.)


17. And if you don't want to dance, there are tons of other ways to entertain your guests.

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You could hire a local a cappella group or gospel choir to serenade you. And no one will miss doing the Macarena.