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    19 Reasons Brunch Weddings Are Pretty Much Perfect

    Two words: WAFFLE CAKE.

    1. Because a morning wedding is no problem when you've got a coffee cart set up outside the ceremony.

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    You could even add custom coffee sleeves for personal touch.

    2. Because it's the perfect occasion for glittery donuts.

    3. So you can have a creative wedding program inspired by the Sunday paper.

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    Browse options here.

    4. Because if you're a morning person, an early start time is actually perfect.

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    (Just know that any earlier than 10 a.m. can lead to logistical hassles and extra fees.)

    5. You can dress up or down as much as you'd like.

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    Laura Kelly Photography

    6. And your bridal party can rock a more casual look too.

    Chantel Marie

    7. You can keep the decorations simple because no one will be expecting over-the-top centerpieces and dramatic uplighting.

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    Actually, no one will be expecting over-the-top anything, so a brunch wedding is a very budget-friendly option.

    8. Your guests can play lawn games at the reception.

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    9. And do crossword puzzles — a brunch classic and a fun option for guests who aren't into dancing.

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    Order customized ones here.

    10. It's easy to please different palettes with breakfast foods.

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    Bonus: brunch foods are often less expensive than dinner foods, but they don't look cheap.

    11. And a cereal bar will make everyone feel like a kid again.

    12. Especially "Sweeties," the true breakfast of champions.

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    13. You can still do a traditional wedding cake! Try a breakfasty flavor, like blueberry or grapefruit.

    Tessa Huff

    14. Or a pretty "naked" cake.

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    15. Orrrrr you could just have a wedding cake made out of waffles.

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    16. You can definitely still have an awesome dance party.

    Katherine O'Brien

    If you're worried that people won't dance, don't. If you're on the dance floor, they'll follow your lead. (And if you're the only one dancing, you won't even care.)

    17. And if you don't want to dance, there are tons of other ways to entertain your guests.

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    You could hire a local a cappella group or gospel choir to serenade you. And no one will miss doing the Macarena.

    18. It's a great occasion for a fabulous piñata.

    Prospect Goods

    (Which, by the way, is a total crowd-pleaser and a great alternative to the bouquet/garter toss.)

    19. And because as long as you keep the mimosas, bellinis, and Bloody Marys flowing, everyone will rise and shine.

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