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    10 Life-Changing Things To Try In August

    Because we tried them for you in July!

    1. How to cook perfect bacon

    2. How to remove wax from old candle jars

    Last week, after a blissful four months of the best replication of pine trees I've ever smelled, the wax and wick on my beloved Roland Pine candle from the Soap And Paper Company were finally low enough that they could no longer carry a flame. It feels like a total waste to just trash a whole glass jar, but my previous attempts to clean out candle jars always ended in a waxy, sticky, and/or shattered mess. After a quick Pinterest search, I came across this DIY method that had never occurred to me.

    The author suggests placing the jar in the freezer for at least an hour, though, like her, I forgot about it and left it there for about two days. The moment I took a knife to the thoroughly frozen wax, it cracked and pulled away from the jar. A couple more stabs and the wax fell out completely. I was worried that the soot and bits that remained would be a struggle to clean, but with just a quick wash in hot water and soap, the jar was clean as a whistle. And just like that, I have a new drinking vessel! I'm so excited about this method because 1) it was insanely easy, 2) it was insanely free, and 3) I now feel totally justified in buying a great-smelling candle that will last a long time and provide me with a new jar/bowl/vase when it's used up. β€”Lauren Paul

    3. How to make perfect sugar cookies and icing

    4. Murchison-Hume Garment Groom Stain Remover β€” $12

    5. Stress Doctor App β€” $4.99

    6. Simple Human 30-Liter Step Trash Can β€” $40

    Trash cans are not something I ever thought I would care about. Or spend money on. Or talk about at parties. But when I finally shelled out the $40 for this Simple Human model, I realized that my entire trash life up until that point had been fraught with misery. I talked myself into it because it's pretty (for a trash can β€” the bar is very low) AND it was the cheapest one in the fancy trash can section, which somehow felt like a bargain.

    But this baby gets the job done in ways I never thought possible. The step function never breaks. There's a special lid mechanism that holds the bag in place so it never falls down along the side. It's easy to clean. It's sturdy, so prying pets can't get inside. And it keeps the smells ~inside~ where they belong. All the things I never knew I wanted from a trash can. β€”Jessica Probus

    7. BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector β€” $35

    8. Jockey Women's Skimmies Slipshort β€” ~$20

    9. MDSolarSciences Quick Dry Body Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 40 β€” $19

    10. Two\B Fit 31-Day Workout Plan β€” $39.99

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