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    Blue From "Blue's Clues" Is Actually A Total Bitch

    It's time to face facts, people.

    Blue, the title character from Nick Jr.'s Blue's Clues, is one adorable doggie.

    Nick Jr.

    And because many people think that blue is a "boys' color," Blue is typically assumed to be a boy dog.

    Nick Jr.

    Apparently some people feel very strongly about traditional gender roles and stereotypes.

    But the fact is... Blue is undeniably a girl dog.

    Nick Jr. says so.

    Perhaps less surprisingly, Blue's best friend Magenta is also a girl.

    Nick Jr.

    And while we're on the subject, Sidetable Drawer, Pail, and Tickety Tock are all female. (Shovel, Periwinkle, Mailbox, and Slippery Soap are all male.)

    Also, Blue's pal Steve is very much alive!

    Nick Jr. / Via

    In 2014, The Huffington Post reported that the actor did not die of a drug overdose as was rumored, and that he left the show mainly because he was going bald.

    Nick Jr. / Via

    So Steve's alive and Blue was actually a total bitch this entire time!

    Nick Jr.

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