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    The $20 Item You Should Add To Your Wedding Budget Immediately

    Plus: which one to buy so you can avoid a rage-filled trip to Michaels.

    One of things you may not expect during wedding planning is the amount of paper that comes into your life.

    And because those cute little signs are never 8.5" x 11" (of course they aren't), you're probably going to need to do a lot of cutting.

    Which means a paper cutter is one of the most useful things you can add to your wedding budget.

    So! You may find yourself four weeks out from your wedding, on your third trip to Michaels in a single Saturday, completely ready to just elope... trying to choose between the two brands of paper cutter available to you:

    On the left, the Fiskars paper cutter. On the right, the Recollections brand one. Both cost $19.99 (but obviously you're going to get it for less than that because you've got your 40 percent off coupon at the ready). And they have pretty similar features.

    So... which one should you buy?

    For the love of Pinterest, buy the Fiskars one.

    The Recollections cutter boasts a swing-out ruler AND it has a special blade that scores paper.

    The Recollections one seems fancy! But: It does. Not. Work.

    So I printed a new coupon (obviously), marched back to Michael’s (where — FOR ONCE! — the line was pretty short), returned the Recollections paper cutter, and bought the Fiskars paper cutter.

    It worked perfectly and I'm sorry for ever doubting it.