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    This $7 Organic Cotton Lunch Tote Is My New Favorite Brown Paper Bag Alternative

    Bonus: It's customizable!

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    I’ll be honest: In the past few years, I have not packed my lunch regularly enough to justify buying myself a decent lunch bag. But lately, I've been bringing more foodstuffs to work with me, and my old Lululemon shopping bag has been looking increasingly grimy.

    Karina Farek / BuzzFeed

    So, as both a reward and as motivation, I decided it was time for an upgrade.

    I knew I didn't need anything fancy and wasn't looking to spend a fortune, so when I came across this simple bag on Amazon that costs $6.82 (!!!!), I was basically sold.

    Ecobags / Via

    It only had 55 reviews, but it had a four-star rating and an A on Fakespot!

    It’s similar in style to your everyday brown paper lunch bag, but it’s made of organic cotton and manufactured in the USA, so I get to feel vaguely virtuous when I use it.

    Rachel Miller

    Two things really sold me on this lunch bag. First, this reviewer who posted great photos of all the stuff that would fit in it:

    Promising review: “I was packing my husband's lunch again this morning, and thought to take a few more photos of what would fit inside. He had a sandwich cut in half, bottle of strawberry lemonade, corn chips and small jar of salsa, another small jar of fresh pineapple, and his fig bar, fork, and napkin. It all easily fit into this bag. The last photo shows this lunch packed in the bag. This bag has serviced my husband, who's not a lunch box guy, well. It's held up to many washings too (it's due for another as you can see!). I wash it on warm and dry it just for about 10 min then pull it out and let it air dry for the rest of the time. I can still highly recommend this lunch bag.” —Susan

    Second, this reviewer who had the great idea to EMBROIDER the bag!!!!

    Promising review: “I thought it was too plain, so I have been embroidering mine using transfer patterns — the canvas is perfect for embroidery. Now they're beautiful! You (or your kids) could also use color-fast fabric paints or appliqué them with flowers, balloons, etc. A great blank canvas to personalize.” —Laura Goe

    Um, SOLD! I ordered mine, and as soon as it arrived, I got to work.

    Rachel Miller

    You can just use a pencil to lightly sketch out what you want to embroider on the bag, but I’ll be honest and share that I took things a step further. I sketched it out on paper, outlined it on the paper with a black Sharpie, and then traced the design on the bag using a light board, which I happen to own. But 1) you definitely don't have to do that, and 2) even after hauling out my light board, the whole project took me less than two episodes of Wild Wild Country, and I’m not even that experienced with embroidery.

    You could also easily personalize it with a Cricut, fabric paint, patches, and/or pins. Or just leave it plain! It's your life!!!

    If you prefer a mini-cooler style of lunch box, this probably isn’t the one for you. But if you just want a chill little sack for toting foodstuffs to and from your work fridge, I strongly recommend it! It was $10 when I bought it, but now that the price has dropped, I’ll probably order a second one.

    Rachel Miller

    Get it from Amazon for $6.82.

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