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    19 Gorgeous Floral Crowns For Fall Weddings

    This pretty trend DEFINITELY works for autumn.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed Life

    1. This classic halo.

    Shea Christine / Via

    2. And this proper topper.

    3. This gorgeous headband.

    Photo: Styling & flowers: / Via

    4. This mini garden.

    Heather Hawkins

    5. These pretty petals.

    Audra Wrisley / Via

    6. And this beautiful wreath-inspired look.

    7. This stunning gilded style.

    Kayla Barker / Via

    8. This vintage-inspired crown.

    Jessie Alexis Photography / Via

    9. And this ultra-romantic halo.

    Paula O'Hara

    10. This unique headpiece.

    Morgan Wade Photo / Via

    Check out the view from the other side...

    Morgan Wade Photo / Via

    11. And this one, with all its feathered flair.

    12. This gorgeous greenery.

    13. This amazing fall flora.

    Brumley & Wells

    (For the mountain elopement of your dreams.)

    Brumley & Wells

    14. This lush and colorful crown.

    15. This one, which incorporates beautiful autumn leaves.

    Loren x Chris Photography / Via

    16. Or this sweet style.

    Also: how cute is her cover-up?!

    17. This halo, which features the loveliest details.

    Lea Bremicker

    18. This elegant earthy look.

    Katherine Stinnett / Via

    19. And this charming woodsy style.

    Betty Clicker Photography / Via A Practical Wedding

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