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25 Tutorials To Teach You To Fold Things Like An Actual Adult

Bend anything like a boss.

1. A Fitted Sheet

2. Plastic Grocery Bags

3. A Plastic Bag As A Lunch Bag

4. A T-Shirt

5. A Bag Of Chips

6. A Dress Shirt

7. A Bath Towel

8. A Bath Towel That You Plan To Hang Up

9. Baby Clothes

10. The Bottom Of Your Jeans

11. A King Pillowcase On A Standard Pillow

12. Sports Bras

13. A Napkin (With A Simple Pocket)

14. A Napkin (With Three Fancy Folds)

15. A Bow Tie Napkin

16. Men's Underwear

17. A Sweater

18. A Paper Airplane

19. A Tank Top

20. A Burrito

21. Almost Any Gift

22. A Note

23. A Toga From A Bed Sheet

24. A Newspaper

25. The American Flag

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