25 Tutorials To Teach You To Fold Things Like An Actual Adult

Bend anything like a boss.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A Fitted Sheet

The Holy Grail of folding.

2. Plastic Grocery Bags

Your pantry will appreciate this.

3. A Plastic Bag As A Lunch Bag

5. A Bag Of Chips

Because chip clips are for suckers.

8. A Bath Towel That You Plan To Hang Up

Just like at a hotel!

9. Baby Clothes

A Mommy Lifestyle / Via

10. The Bottom Of Your Jeans

11. A King Pillowcase On A Standard Pillow

13. A Napkin (With A Simple Pocket)

14. A Napkin (With Three Fancy Folds)

15. A Bow Tie Napkin

Your table is going to look amazing!

17. A Sweater

Christopher Coppola / Via

18. A Paper Airplane

So fly.

21. Almost Any Gift

The technique is called Furoshiki and uses fabric instead of wrapping paper.

22. A Note

Get the how-to here.

23. A Toga From A Bed Sheet

24. A Newspaper

Christopher Coppola / Via

So adult!

25. The American Flag


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