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    23 Moments That Basically Every Bridesmaid Has Experienced

    Tag yourself, I'm #18.

    1. When the bride casually tells you what the wedding budget is, and you realize this thing is costing more than your entire college education.

    2. When you realize this bridesmaid group text is going to go on for the next eight months.

    3. When you realize you have to attend the bridal shower too.

    4. When you show up to the bridal shower and find out it's a dry event.

    5. When you learn how much it costs to get a formal dress tailored.

    6. And then you do the math on how much this whole experience is going to cost you.

    7. When you hear about all the family drama the poor bride is putting up with.

    8. When you're on day three of the bachelorette party and you just want to be home so you can die of this hangover in peace.

    9. When you realize during the rehearsal dinner that one of the older relatives has no idea that the couple has been living together for the past year.

    10. When someone asks who the maid of honor is and you get to say, "I am."

    11. When the groom comes knocking the morning of the wedding and you think he's going to get a glimpse of the bride.

    12. When your hair and makeup is done and you've put on your bridesmaid dress, shoes, and accessories, but the wedding is still two hours away.

    13. When you see the bride in her dress for the first time on the wedding day and you're trying not to cry.

    14. When you're taking group photos and the photographer tells the bridesmaids to look at each other and laugh.

    15. When something extremely important — the rings, the marriage certificate — goes missing just before the ceremony.

    16. When there are still 15 minutes to go before the ceremony but someone makes you surrender your phone and now you don't know what to do with yourself.

    17. When one of the groomsmen starts talking and you realize you've literally never met anyone this dumb.

    18. When you have to stand for the entire 60-minute ceremony.

    19. When you get to the reception late because you were doing bridal party photos and realize you missed the h'ors d'oeuvres.

    20. When the toasts are all 15 minutes long and varying degrees of sexist.

    21. When you realize your work is done and you can finally relax.

    22. When you start thinking about how much you love your best friend and just feel so happy she's found someone who will love and cherish her.