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    25 Thoughts I Had While Watching "10 Things I Hate About You" For The First Time As A Big Shakespeare Nerd

    "Patrick just grabbing the flame and then drilling a hole in Cameron's book in the next scene makes me feel like if I watched this movie in high school, I would have made it my entire personality."

    Hi, I'm Rachel, and I love Shakespeare! The plays themselves, adaptations, the bard appearing in Doctor Who episodes — anything!

    Doctor Who Shakespeare appearance

    I also love rom-coms, so my friends have constantly been shocked that I've never seen 10 Things I Hate About You, a teen rom-com reimagining of The Taming of the Shrew. But friends, we are fixing that today! Allow me to give you my live thoughts on this movie. Let's do this.


    Ms. Perky addresses cameron in her office wearing pink sweater and pearls
    Touchstone Pictures

    Also wow that laptop.

    2. Despite watching and enjoying Numb3rs, my immediate reaction seeing David Krumholtz will always be "Bernard?!?!"

    Cameron and Michael in hallway of school
    Touchstone Pictures

    It's so funny having seen most of these actors in more recent stuff, because watching this for the first time they are all such babies. 

    3. Patrick immediately walking back out of class after entering late and hearing Kat's answer to "What'd I miss?"...pure gold.

    Touchstone Pictures

    4. Changing the rule from "you can't date" to "you can't date until your sister does," thinking she'll never date, doesn't seem like a smart move.

    Kat and Bianca argue in front of their father
    Touchstone Pictures

    Does this man not realize that's a perfect plot jumpstart? (Also, yes I know that's how it basically happens in the play, too.)

    5. I do really appreciate that all these actors convincingly pass for teenagers.

    Cameron tutors Bianca in French inside library
    Touchstone Pictures

    I did look it up, and it seems like most of them were in fact under the age of 20, which is a nice change. 

    6. Patrick just grabbing the flame and then drilling a hole in Cameron's book in the next scene makes me feel like if I watched this movie in high school, I would have made it my entire personality.

    Patrick grabs flame of fire in biology classroom
    Touchstone Pictures

    7. She really just backs into his car. This is why you park in a parking space

    Kat backs into Patrick's car after he parks deliberately behind her
    Touchstone Pictures

    8. "Bianca said that Kat likes pretty guys."

    Cameron and Michael look reluctant as they approach Patrick
    Touchstone Pictures

    Imagine saying this line to Heath Ledger with a straight face.

    9. All of these party outfits are killing me.

    Joey approaches Kat
    Touchstone Pictures

    The last movie I saw before this was Emma (2020) so going from Jane Austen era fashion to the late '90s is really quite jarring.

    10. The sweetest words in history: "You're not as vile as I thought you were."

    Kat faces Patrick with sarcastic comment
    Touchstone Pictures

    11. I don't love that Cameron feels entitled to Bianca.

    Cam and Bianca looking awkward in the car
    Touchstone Pictures

    12. You know it's a good scene when it's in this guy's classroom.

    Mr. Morgan close up
    Touchstone Pictures

    13. The fact that school archery is just casually thrown in here.

    Archery practice at school
    Touchstone Pictures

    Is this a thing? Do/did high schools have archery in gym class?

    14. I'm so sorry, he's SINGING??

    Patrick walks down the stairs singing
    Touchstone Pictures

    I knew that the bleachers dancing existed because of the video Jenny Han posted of the To All The Boys I've Loved Before cast recreating rom-com moments, but I didn't realize he SANG.


    Marching band on football field performs
    Touchstone Pictures

    This is stunning, we love to see it. 

    16. ...I'm so sorry, did Kat just flash a teacher?

    Close of up Kat's face as she flashes teacher
    Touchstone Pictures

    What???? WHAT? 

    17. Also, do teachers just not notice when there's a seat empty after a teen sneaks out of detention?

    Detention classroom full of students
    Touchstone Pictures

    18. And now they're throwing paint at each other and kissing, a scene directly lifted out of Shakespeare.*

    Kat and Patrick kiss in the hay after a game of paintball
    Touchstone Pictures

    *I'm joking.

    19. I'm so wildly invested in the Michael/Mandella relationship.

    Note on gown reading: O Fair one join me at the prom I will be waiting love William S
    Touchstone Pictures

    20. Grateful for this prom scene.

    Mandella sees her Shakespeare for the first time
    Touchstone Pictures

    For Heath Ledger's blue suit and of course for Michael and Mandella's outfits.


    Close up of lead singers onstage
    Touchstone Pictures

    After looking it up, this is the same band that plays at the Unity Concert in Parks & Rec that Ben is obsessed with.

    22. Gabrielle Union was wildly underused in this film!

    Bianca and Chastity speak in the bathroom
    Touchstone Pictures

    23. Oh no, she found out that it was a plan all along!

    Kat looks devastated at prom
    Touchstone Pictures

    Twas only a matter of time.

    24. Bianca, YES YOU GO BIANCA.

    Bianca is going off on Joey at prom
    Touchstone Pictures

    Delighted in seeing Joey in pain.


    Kat is shocked to see a guitar sitting in her driver's seat
    Touchstone Pictures

    *Cries forever.*

    Alright, I understand why folks were surprised I hadn't seen this. I'm glad to have experienced the full "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" scene, but I do think high school/early college Rachel would have enjoyed the movie as a whole a lot more.

    And because I'm both a book lover and Shakespeare fan, I cannot resist recommending moreTaming of the Shrew-inspired stuff, so if you liked this movie then check out If I'm Being Honest by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka.

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