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Tom Hiddleston Instagrams "Thor 2" Premiere, World Rejoices

Tom Hiddleston took over the Yahoo Movies Instagram account at the Thor: The Dark World premiere and proved (once again) that he is the perfect human. Loki, we are your faithful followers.

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It all started with an announcement that led to a flurry of frantic comments from Instagram users that were mostly in all caps and ended with 800 hearts. / Via

Tom's first post is with MTV's Josh Horowitz and they are both looking way cool in Thor/Superhero tees. PS check out DAT SMILE. We've been Loki'd already. / Via

Tom + Smosh = probably the best pairing in Internet history. Also, we have some DOUBLE TOM ACTION going on here with the poster in the background. / Via

Tom is "cruising in LA" and becoming the world's most effective seatbelt model. Safety first, AMIRITE? / Via

Here's Tom with Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist Podcast. How much do you wish you were Chris Hardwick's leg? / Via

Tom's not in this photo :( GIVE US ALL THE SELFIES, TOM. / Via

118? Tom is 118% gorgeous? I would devote 118% of my life to Tom Hiddleston? ALL OF THE ABOVE. / Via

Tom with Chelsea Handler. More importantly, TOM IN A SUIT. #boyfriendmaterial / Via

Tom captioned this "Step and Repeat." I'd like to step and repeat if YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. No, no you don't. Neither do I. I am delirious from seeing so much beauty in the form of Tom Hiddleston. / Via

No Hiddleston-themed day would be complete without getting to hear that marvelous British accent. Thanks for the memories, Tom. ALL HAIL LOKI OF ASGARD.

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